The Collapse of the Australian Labor Party Brand

In the space of six years, the Australian Labor Party climbed to popularity levels of dizzying heights only to come crashing down, in events that can really only be regarded as acts of self-debilitation. When Labor’s then golden boy Kevin ’07 marched into power the Party celebrated the rare feat of simultaneously holding office federally as well as in every state and territory, albeit momentarily. So how did this all fall apart? Was it possible that the ALP was so incredibly…

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Achieving Positive Outcomes in a Challenging Market

In challenging times, the majority of businesses appear to have a singular focus on the short-term. Whilst understandable to a degree, market conditions will recover. Businesses which adopted a balanced view of both short and long-term perspectives will be better placed to take full advantage of the market rebound.

Numerous surveys of marketing executives continue to evidence cuts in marketing and brand investment. It is clear that the excess permitted during the previous ‘good…

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Counting the Cost of Turnover in WA

The Executive Director of the Right Group Anthony Joy was recently interviewed by the WA Business News. The article centred on the cost of turnover in WA Industry. Some of the key research that was undertaken as background for the article is outlinned below.

There are almost 1.3million people working in WA according to the Department of Commerce. The national turnover rate of labour is 18.5%. This means that approximately 240,000 people in WA will change jobs this year. The average…

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Imitation is the best form of flattery

Should a B2B marketer think more like a B2C marketer?

The overriding understanding regarding business to business marketing is that it requires a different approach to consumer marketing. Certainly this is correct when you consider the dynamism and additional complexities of a B2B market. The levels of decision-making, complexity of the product offering, and relationship development are three key differences. And there are many more that all add up to requiring a varied approach.

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Why the Resources Sector needs Branding?

Marketing departments all around the world have been quick to adopt and integrate social media into their marketing mix. Marketers regularly use social media as a way of building thought leadership, extending the brand and increasing customer engagement.  In spite of this many organisations (particularly the resources sectors) are lagging behind when it comes to building relationships with its current and potential employees using social media. If your organisation has more than 1000…

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An Olympic performance not just in sport but in life

Olympics! Olympics! Olympics! It is happening right now and it is hard not to get swept up in the tales of inspiration, competition and triumph.  It is well known that the psyche of an athlete going into the competition can make all the difference in their performance.  Many national teams now travel with an arsenal of psychologists that aim to optimise the mental fitness of athletes, so mind and body are in complete concert going into the competition.

A recent Australian Financial…

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What’s in a Name?

The Australian legal landscape has changed dramatically. Over the last two years some of Australia’s largest legal firms have changed their names.

• Blake Dawson is now Ashurst,
• Freehills is now Herbert Smith Freehills ,
• Allens Arthur Robinson is now Allens Linklaters and
• Mallesons Stephen Jaques is now King and Wood Mallesons.

Why would these companies with many hundreds of years of tradition change their names? The short answer is that legal firms globally are…

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Dimensions of Strategy Implementation

Strategy is defined as the design and execution of plans in order to attain a particular goal. Strategy is considered successful if it shows adaptability given that forces interact and often conflict (Heuser, 2010, p 27). For a business it is the careful calculation of how you will achieve your business goals. Businesses often spend a lot of time deciding on what their business goals are. Businesses also thereby spend a lot of time and resources in deciding how to achieve their…

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Out of the Picture

More than just a play on words, the above title (which is borrowed from the media) really speaks to the current plight of Kodak. Just recently it has been reported that Kodak has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as it tries to restructure, boost cash and importantly, stay in business. These next two years will really determine how the company operates (if at all) into the future.

On face value, this story seems like any other story about disruptive technologies changing…

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Brand is Image and Image is Brand….

For those that believe brand and image are separate and in no way linked may need to rethink their position. In the media recently have been two prime examples of how brand and image are closely interrelated, albeit almost the same thing. Brand in its simplest context are those attributes that makes one product or company stand apart from another. Image is how products and companies present themselves, through logos, colours and artefacts.

The definition of brand needs to go one…

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