Who we are

We are a leading management consultancy specialising in brand strategy, research and organisational development. We work with our clients to build compelling brands and strong company culture, both of which deliver increased business performance.

Established in 1995, we work with many leading companies both in Australia and overseas markets including USA, UK, Asia, India and New Zealand.

We pride ourselves on delivering actionable brand strategy and practical management advice to our clients. We work hard and go the extra mile to ensure that our work delivers measurable outcomes and results that deliver lasting value.

For 19 years, we have been partnering with clients to add enduring value to their companies.

How we work

We work intelligently and innovatively to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Intelligent – we look at every project as a new challenge and incorporate the latest cutting edge thinking into our approach. Some of this thinking comes from our conceptual understanding and some of it comes from 19 years of practical experience working with clients to achieve great outcomes.

Innovative – no two problems are identical. We help our clients to solve the problems that apply to their organisation and provide solutions that will work within their operating environment. We are continually looking for better ways of delivering the best outcomes for our clients.

Results – we focus on providing advice and recommendations that make a real difference to our clients. We work to ensure that using The Right Group makes sound commercial sense and results in tangible and measurable outcomes for our clients. Our work invariably leads to improved organisational productivity.

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